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Auxiliary Officers 2012-2013
Rev. Coman Timoney
Elizabeth Kruger
1st Vice President
Jean Jarosinski
2nd Vice President
Carolyn Krausch
3rd Vice President
Betty O'Malley
Dorothy McMann
Lorraine Satterfield
Welfare Officer
Alicia Feliberty
Monica Krausch
Americanism Chairlady
Monica Krausch
3-Year Director
Geraldine Clark
2-Year Director
Marion Proggioli
1-Year Director
Estelle Weber
Ritual Officer
Jean Jarosinski
VAVS Representatives
Baltimore VAMC
Jean Jarosinski
Jean Jaroxinski
Perry Point VAMC
Carolyn Krausch
Ramona Spitzer
Past Department Presidents
Inez Everd
Lorraine Shatterfield
Eleanor Mannarino
Elizabeth Kurger
Jean Jarosinski
Deceased Past Presidents
Irene Hennigan PNP
Gerturde Dunkin
Myrtle Crandel
Helen Koerner
Helen Fischer
Vivian Grief
Dolores Stadler PNP
Mae Schackert PNP

Many times during each year Auxiliary members participate in Memorial Masses and reflective times. Meetings are begun with a decade of the Rosary and were ended
with three "Hail Mary"s for the conversion of communist countries. Since 1991, with the downfall of the USSR, we dedicate our closing prayers for the conversion of
oppressed countries. And we feel we will be successful in praying for the return to God and adherence to the Ten Commandments.
The Department of New York's Auxiliary members were "ready, willing, and able" volunteers. They helped by preparing and serving Sunday breakfasts to Service
personnel and their families with the purpose of giving them a sense of "home away from home" when their tours of duty took them to the New York area. This was only
one of the many projects the CWV Auxiliarys supported through monetary donations as well.
One of the Auxiliaries within the Department of New York (Saint Joseph #641) each year writes many thousand greeting cards for distribution to military personnel under
the "Mail For Our Military" program. Most of the other Auxiliaries, with somewhat lesser results, also are willing participants in this program.
Respect for the Flag is one of the cornerstones of our Americanism and Civics program. Placing flags on Veterans' graves, exercising our right to vote, serving on juries
and on civic boards are just some of the ways we seek to enhance our country and what it stands for.
Through our Youth projects we endeavor to help youngsters realize their religious and civic obligations, and responsibilities, to enable them to take over for us when we
meet our final reward. We assist our parent body with the scholarship programs, both monetarily and physically, and foster ongoing programs relative to the education
and well-being of all children.
In the forefront of all our programs and activities is the support and assistance to Veterans, especially those that are hospitalized. We need to remind them that we have
not forgotten their service to us by helping to maintain our freedom. On the National and Department (State) level this assistance is most frequently that of a monetary
nature; the personal projects are carried out by us as representative of our original Auxiliary Units. In time of need we help the Veteran and his or her family financially and
morally whenever possible.
We, the Auxiliary, from its inception has assisted, and will continue to assist the parent body at all times in any of its endeavors to foster its programs.
State Department of Maryland
Maryland State Department Auxiliary