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Day Mass 2012
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Memorial Day
Mass 2012
Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally in
Ellicott City, MD on Friday, June 8, 2012  
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Post Meeting Information

    When: 2nd Tuesday
    Time: 7:00 PM
    St. Paul Parish Center
    for Evangelization
    Room 207
    Ellicott City, MD 21043

    Directions:  CLICK HERE
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Veterans Day Mass 2011 @ St. Paul the
Apostle Church, Ellicott City, MD - (L-R) O.P. Ditch
(Post 1961), State Commander, John Jarinoski,
Auxiliary Bishop F. Richard Spencer of the
Archdiocese for U.S. Military Services & Julian
Baur (Post 1961)
Fr. Arnold Post Members Fr. Arnold
thanking CWV Post Members
(OLPH) giving support for our cause.
Post 1961 (Charles Carroll Post in Ellicott
City, MD) Officer & Members join together
to recruit new members.  
New Post Officers (L-R) Ron Slowik, O. P.
Ditch, Bernie O'Neill, Julian Bauer, Wayne
Cope, Jerry Harlowe, & Bill Wood Jr.
Julian & Wayne with Elizabeth Kruger,
Maryland Department President of the
Catholic War Veterans Auxiliary, who
spoke on the Aux.
The Charles Carroll Post of the CWV sponsored a
Veterans Benefits Outreach at the Church of the
Resurrection in Ellicott City, MD on Sunday May 6
after all the masses.  The Maryland Secretary of
Veterans Affairs, Edward Chow, Jr. attended with the
Director of Outreach & Advocacy, Cynthia A.
Mason-Posey.  The Department of Veterans Affairs
provided valuable information to veterans and their
families, while the CWV Post informed veterans
about the CWV and it's mission.  Several potential
members were engaged and provided information.
L-R Cynthia Mason-Posey, Sec Ed Chow,
O. P. Ditch & Julian Bauer
Catholic War Veterans of the United States of America