Charles Carroll (1737-1832) was the only Catholic to sign the
Declaration of Independence. He became an instant traitor to the
crown. John Adams thought he was one of the greatest men of his
day. He was certainly one of the most highly educated and
wealthiest. His cousin, John Carroll, became the first Catholic bishop
in America. The Toleration Act of 1649 made Maryland the most
religiously tolerant place on earth. However in 1689 until the
American Revolution, Catholics in Maryland could not vote, hold
office, practice their religion openly, testify in court or raise voices
against the throne.
The U.S. Senate is modeled after the Maryland Senate which Charles
Carroll created. Hamilton thought he might be the best successor to
George Washington. His home was in Howard County and his
descendants still own the property. The cornerstone of the railroad
viaduct a couple of hundred feet from St. Paul's Church was laid by
Charles Carroll. He was the last signor of the Declaration of
Independence to die.
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